Writing A Bit

Hi everyone,

It’s Michelle again. I can’t help but think that, by the grace of God, I started this blog at just the right time. The writer’s mind never sleeps after all, does it? Therefore, I thought to publish some writing, musings, et cetera, here as well. After all, as a semi-public figure and artist at heart, longing for God to mold me into His image more every day and wanting to leave something here (namely, for Him- Jesus), writing comes natural to me, I suppose. I was born with music and poetry in my blood alike, not to mention a zest for life and living it to the full, so to speak.

Think like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dakd7EIgBE

And this:

And this:

And this: http://www.thepianoguys.com/portfolio/mission-great-thou-art/

Namely, I’d describe myself as insanely adventurous but also deeply thoughtful and always looking for what God wants me to do next, all while having the blessing of resting in Him!!

That said, perhaps I am crazy, but enjoying life so far, setbacks, small and great triumphs, and all that! So, I think I will publish some writing here! To start, let me know what kinds of writing you want me to publish and I am almost sure I will have something to comply with your requests in my repetoire! God Bless.



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