This Week I Learned/Relearned……

That’s me right now.

Hi everyone,

As is typical right now, this will be a short post, but hopefully a worthwhile post to read. God has taught and re-taught me so much this week that I wanted to share some with you.

1. God is a God of impossibilities and possibilites alike. After all, He can and does do what is glorifying to Him and good for those who love Him and even those who don’t!


2. There is indeed a purpose for every moment. God does nothing without purpose.


3. That said, He has a plan for everything.


4. You can come as you are, with a contrite and curious spirit, and He will minister to you in ways you would not expect. 🙂




5. He has a plan for you, even when you wonder if He does and what the plan is if He does have one. He does have a plan for you, just like He did and does for Israel!


6. He will never leave nor forsake you. Isn’t that reassuring?



7. He is coming back, though it may be a while, and we are to love in the meantime.



8. Rest in Him in the meantime. He will fulfill and exceed your expectations according to His will and beyond what you desire in His time- the right time.


There you have it. That’s the sum of what I wanted to share. What are y’all who read this thinking? Let me know!

God Bless,



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