As Promised, A Bit of Writing: Part 2

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Hey everyone,

As promised, I am writng some today/tonight and it is about midnight (12:00 a.m./0:00 EST/GMT -5/UTC -5) as promised. So, here’s a spoken word poem which I am writing as it is so far (bear with me, as it came to mind and I rethought it some over the course of a few hours. I have also done some editing as of the initial publication of this post.):

My life is so full of confusion, chaos, and complication,

That so often I forget to look up and see the Reason

That I have a life -yes, that I have an existence-

By the grace of God alone I am counted among the livin’!

Both spiritually and physically I am counted as blessed

For my God, my Jesus, is my righteousness,

And the reason I live this life is solely for Him

That nothing else will matter but His glory in the end.

LIke my life, this poem is a God-given work in progress, so expect more later and bear that I am fallible, like anyone else, in mind if and/or when you comment. That said, I welcome your feedback of any kind (positive, negative, neutral, a mix of any of the aforementioned types of feedback) so long as it is clean, civil, and constructive. Thank you and God Bless you!


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