A Bit of Writing, Part 4: Spoken Word Poetry: Redeemed

John 14:6.

Hi everyone,

This is Michelle, like always. The writing continues, as always. So, without further ado, the writing is as follows:

Redeemed I have been from the darkest of lives

Redeemed from my sins, I now know God on high.

Redeemed from my past, my pain is not who I am

Nor will my sin ever hold me captive again.

No, my imperfection does not define me –

Imperfect indeed though I am and alone will be.

Yet in all my imperfection, God’s work in me will soon be complete.

So no longer does my sinful nature bind me,

For Christ’s atoning death and resurrection set me free

And made me His beloved, a child of God, one redeemed.

I am redeemed.


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