A Bit of Writing: Part 8: Spoken Word Poetry: Silence

Hi everyone,

Another poem comes to mind this evening, oddly inspired by a tweet from CNN  anchorman, AC 360 host, and “60 Minutes” contributor Anderson Cooper. I say that because I rarely find anything celebrities have to say inspiring, but Mr. Cooper’s thought caused me to meditate on Scriptures about stillness, silence, and trust in God.

I agree and felt like writing as follows:


Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know I love you, each and every child.

Be still and hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One. 

Rest in the silence and calm of the peace I give./

Do not be afraid :though the ocean of life has many waves

You are secure in My hands, beloved ones.

No, I shall never leave nor ever forsake you,

Remember, beloved children, I died for you

And rose again; that you are in my hands is proof. 

Beloved ones, I will never lie; all I speak is truth,

Rest, then, in the silence of my loving embrace

Bask in the wonders of My mercy and grace/

Come to your Father through the grace of My Son

Through Whom you have and will find unconditional love.

Rest in the silence, for I have been, am, and always will be enough.

I love you, my dear children. – Jesus

That said, I firmly believe in resting in God and trusting in Him for all our lives. Finally, I will add the Scripture references, tags, and categories later, as my time online is short tonight.

As always and God Bless,



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