A Bit of Writing: Part 9: I Am So Sorry…..

Hi everyone,

The frustration of finals has become very, very real for me at this point and, while goofing off with a friend in response to a semester-finals poem she wrote on FB, my response was as follows. Before you read it, though, though, please forgive the harshness, as this poem was all I could think about writing tonight since my brain is tired of finals already! I am ready for the semester to end! Honestly, I like my professors, and the paper-writing is not my forte at the moment, to be frank……that said:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m losing motivation,

My brain just blew a fuse.

That’s it. Honestly. I know it’s awful; forgive me. That said, does anyone have any helpful advice for not freaking out during the last week of my second-to-final semester?? Thank you so much!!

God Bless, as always,



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