What Matters This Christmas

Hi folks,

With all going on in the world today (the murders and abductions of cops and innocent children and families based on their work and faith, poverty, hunger, war, the North Korean hackers’ attack on Sony Pictures’ data and its employees), life is difficult all over the world right now. Especially as we come up on Christmas in a couple days, I wanted to remind y’all of what matters this Christmas with a story from my own life. As per a recent Facebook status:

There is nothing like listening to Christmas music with your puppy snoring beside you after a long and eventful work before you spend more time with her and the human members of your family. Hmm, now what Christmas movie [Mom], [my sister Nicole], Reilly [the puppy] and I will watch is up for debate. Other than that, today has been relaxed and blessedly worry-free overall. Hopefully y’all are having a blessed Christmas season so far? Additionally, Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate that as well. If there’s anything I missed, let me know. God Bless all of you and have a wonderful rest of your evening.

That’s what matters: God, family, friends, and being present in one another’s lives. Our God and Savior was, is, and always will be present in our lives, so why not do the same for your loved ones, following His example? By the way, we watched “It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)”. What a classic. Go watch it, as we do every year, and value that you and your loved ones were, are, and will live the days God gives you, however few or many they may be. God Bless all of you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc., as always,


Credit: http://www.historiceveretttheatre.org/component/jevents/icalrepeat.detail/2014/12/22/54/15%7C16%7C31%7C17%7C21%7C18%7C19%7C20%7C22%7C23/-

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