The Lyrics I Promised

Hi everyone,

The mind of a writer never rests, I’ve said, and sometimes we get busy with other occupations as well! Therefore, I apologize for the delay in the blog entry I promised (the video will come either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how busy I am with my last undergraduate semester at my university !)! Again, I apologize for the delays and, after much consideration concerning what I should post, I decided to post something in progress. Most likely, I’ll edit the lyrics some and tweak the tune a bit after the initial posting, but we’ll see. 🙂 Of course, I’d appreciate if you could let me know what you think so far! Thanks and God Bless you!

As always,


I’ve been waiting for you for a while

And I admit sometimes I get quite cynical/

But I know God will bring us together when we’re ready

‘Cause I know He does nothing purposelessly/

So in the meantime, I will wait, pray, and dream….

For you; I will wait, pray, and dream for you……


For the day when our eyes meet

And the first time ever we will speak/

I hope I know, but I know that may not be;

Either way, what God does is okay with me

And all I know is we’ll see what happens in between

The day we meet and those we spend together till God we see….


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