More Lyrics/ Plus des Paroles

Hi everyone,

After a couple of busy weeks settling into the routine of the new semester, I feel like I can finally breathe a bit and write some more lyrics again. The inspiration driving this particular bit is simply that God has sustained me throughout the stress of navigating my last undergraduate semester at my university. Therefore, you’ll see that the theme of these lyrics is just that: the sustaining grace and unlimited kindness of the Lord make Him praiseworthy, among His numerous other praiseworthy attributes. He is God, after all!


Lord, I don’t know how I’ve stayed sane
Through all this fear that keeps me in a place/
Where I’m trapped fearing for my future.
Where, no matter how I do the work/
I stay unsure how I’ll get through,
Then I remember You are with me and the truth./
That is


Never will You leave me nor forsake me;
You are with me in the highest places and the deep./
No matter where I’ll be I’ll always have Your presence sweet,
So I accept this course You chose for me to keep/
And I praise You. I will praise You! I will praise You….

I feel like Benaiah with the lion in the pit
Having You to lean back on, not sure how to do it/
But I know just that I can always trust You
For You’ve never let me down and You won’t start soon-
Or ever!
Praise You, Lord, my God, my forever!

Repeat Refrain/Chorus

I don’t quite know where I’m meant to go from here/
But under Your leadership, I have nothing to fear.
(After all, Benaiah killed the lion with his hands alone;
So I am sure You will strengthen me mightily to kill my own!)

Repeat Refrain/Chorus 2x

I’m not alone, not alone, not alone,
So I praise You for you will never leave me on my own.

(Fade out, end)

By the way, given the chance, check out the passages in Scripture which concern Benaiah, the man referenced in this lyric. 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles 11 have much to say of him. PS: Can you imagine killing a lion in a pit with just your bare hands on a snowy day? Phew! Also check out Pastor Mark Batterson’s book on Benaiah’s exploits and what we can learn about living for God fully by Benaiah’s example. No wonder he was David’s chief bodyguard and Solomon’s chief executioner during his lifetime!

God bless and thanks.

As always, Michelle


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