Spoken Word Poetry: Anomaly: Part 2/ Un Pème Parlé: La Deuxième Partie

Note: The poem is only in English at present. I will publish an English and a French version upon completing the poem in its final form.

Note: Ce poeme est en anglais seulement au présent. Je publierai deux versions quand j’aurai complété le poème entièrement.
Hi everyone,

After mulling over the poem a bit, I am publishing what I’ve toyed with so far. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

As always,


Bonjour, tout le monde,

Apres j’avais pense du poème aujourd’hui, je publie mes écritures du moment. Soumettez vos commentaires. Merci!

Comme toujours,



They confirmed that I was the anomaly of our diverse group

When we discussed social constructs and I told the truth./

“I’m the white, Christian, female, heterosexual, cisgender one,

So I’m probably the anomaly here”- sure enough, I was./

Then we went right back to our friendly discussion and banter

Though I found myself disengaged as I pondered the matter/

Indeed, I stood out from the rest, for I live quite a bit differently,

But at least I’m glad we get along, and more so to be the anomaly.

So it’s no wonder sometimes I feel lost in this broken, selfish world,

Living in a fallen world is difficult for this serious, old soul of a Christian girl

Whose entire existence hinges on day-by-day living

Serving her God and King while awaiting His second coming . . ..


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