Spoken Word Poetry: Anomaly: Part 4: Conclusion/ Un Poème Parlé: Anomalie: La Quatrième Partie: Conclusion

Hi everyone,

As promised I would try to do, I am posting the conclusion of Anomaly  (the English version; the French version will be up in a week or so and I will keep you posted.). Additionally, I am writing something new, the first part of which will be included in a second post. The latter work is, as of yet, untitled, but I will decide on a title when I’ve thought the writing through more.

That said, here is Anomaly in full. I hope you enjoy it, but I welcome feedback either way as long as your comments are clean and civil. God Bless!

As always.


Bonsoir tout le monde,

Comme j’avais promis que j’essaie, je créerai un article de blog avec la conclusion du poème Anomalie (la version anglaise; la version française sera finie après une semaine.). Je créerai un article de blog pour un nouvelle poème pendant le weekend prochain aussi, mais la première partie sera sera dans un deuxième article de blog. J’espère que vous aimerez mon poème, mais, si ce n’est pas le cas, je comprends. Je demande seulement que vos commentaires sont civiles et constructives. Merci! Dieu vous bénisse!

Comme toujours,



They confirmed that I was the anomaly of our diverse group

When we discussed social constructs and I told the truth./

“I’m the white, Christian, female, heterosexual, cisgender one,

So I’m probably the anomaly here”- sure enough, I was./

Then we went right back to our friendly discussion and banter

Though I found myself disengaged as I pondered the matter/
Indeed, I stood out from the rest, for I live quite a bit differently,

But at least I’m glad we get along, and more so to be the anomaly./

So it’s no wonder sometimes I feel lost in this broken, selfish world,

Living in a fallen world is difficult for this serious, old soul of a Christian girl/

Whose entire existence hinges on day-by-day living

Serving her God and King while awaiting His second coming./

I also admit I get lost sometimes

Chasing things of the world that aren’t meant to be mine/

Like the rest of us, as I am human, prone to self-preservation:

Sinful and looking for something, some peace or happiness./

Thankfully, I’ve found both in Jesus, though He never had to give them;/

What a wonderful God He is, Who loves me knowing I am imperfect!

Thus, I want to make my life a life lived in His service/

So that the world would see in me and my life the King who made them!

Thus, I acknowledge I am an alien and a stranger in this world,

Recalling I was set apart for God when I was just a little girl/

And though it isn’t easy, I’m proud to be an anomaly

Since my King, praise Him, died and rose again to give life to me!/

Indeed, I am blessed to know my God and love Him eternally

As He first loved me, even before the universe came to be./

Thus I want to live my life praising Him with all He gave me

And I’ll do that by living as a proud Anomaly. (Glory to God, that it would be!)


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