Upcoming Posts/Des Articles du Futur

Hi everyone,

After a busy week, since my university is on our spring break (or spring recess), I will be posting some writing and possibly a video this week.

Speaking of videos, if you hadn’t seen my YouTube channel within the last couple weeks, I mentioned taking a hiatus from musical pursuits- namely, that of making song covers- to focus on my own writing and related endeavors. In the meantime, I am showcasing my work pertaining to one of those related endeavors: photography. Here are two of my latest videos for examples of what I’m doing:



That said, I should be publishing more writing, photography, and video blogs in the next few weeks! Thanks!

God Bless, as always.


Bonjour tout le monde,

Après une semaine occupée, mon université prend nos vacances du printemps. Alors, je créerai des articles de blog desquels concernent ma photographie et des écritures musicales et poétiques.

Alors, comme je prends une pause musicale sur YouTube, des exemples de mon travail sont sur YouTube (voyez les liens en haut). Cela dit, je publierai plus de mes écritures, vidéos, etc., cette semaine! Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,



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