Finals Week and Mother’s Day/ La Semaine des Derniers Examens et La Fete des Meres

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a bit! I’ve been very busy with semester finals before graduation in about two weeks (Whoo hoo!)! That said, I was planning on blogging on finals, graduation, et cetera, mostly, but I think there’s something more important to be said here.

Many are reading about Anna Mae Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, I imagine, given anyone besides me is surfing the web today. You might also be shocked to discover that she campaigned against the day for the rest of her life after Mother’s Day become a federally recognized holiday. What she was upset about was the commercialization of Mother’s Day and the idea that many businesspeople of the time decided to profit off of sales of flowers, candy, et cetera. That, I understand. I do support her original intention, of course, and encourage all who read this to go celebrate your mother today, however you chose to do that. The celebration doesn’t have to be grandiose, either, from what I’m told! My mother, for one, has expressed that a yearly card and/or a gesture of kindness such as cleaning the house or taking her out to dinner will suffice.

That said, go celebrate your mother today!

God Bless, as always,


Bonjour, tout le monde,

Je suis désolée que je n’avais pas créé des articles de blog pendant une fois J’avais été préoccupee avec la complétion de mes derniers examens avant ma remise des diplômes après deux semaines du moment présent! (Whoo hoo!)! Cela dit, je veux écrire de la Fête des Mères aujourd’hui.

Plusieurs de vous, j’imagine, lisez d’Anna Mae Jarvis, la fondatrice de la Fête des Mères. Elle s’était fâchée de la commercialisation de la fete et l’idee que plusieurs des gens des affaires de l’ère ont décidé ‘a profiter des ventes au détail.  Je comprend ses emotions. Je suis d’accord avec son intention originale, bien sur, et j’encourage que vous celebrez les existences et les sacrifices de vous meres pour vous aujourd’hui. Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours.


That said, go celebrate your mother today!

God Bless, as always,



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