11 Men And Women On What ‘Privilege’ Is, And How They Take Theirs For Granted

Oh wow….Yeah, many of us have much we take for granted.

Thought Catalog


1. Privilege is beauty.

“Being a model has led to me believe that beauty—or to be universally considered a beautiful person—is the highest form of privilege. I’m well aware that racialized standards of beauty sort of confound this idea—i.e. Black women are judged by different, often ‘lower’ beauty standards than white women—but still, I think beauty transcends things like race and class that would, otherwise, bog me down (I’m a half-Black, half-Puerto Rican girl from a lower-middle class family). Being beautiful has always awarded me certain advantages—it welcomed me into a group of rich, well-connected, white friends in high-school and college, it enables me to make good money off my body…and the list goes on. I’m lucky.”

— Maria, 21

2. Privilege is time.

“Now that I’m working full-time, I ride public transportation every day, and sometimes my 20 minute commute into San Francisco becomes a 30 minute commute and…

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