A New Chapter of my Life/Un Nouveau Chapitre de ma Vie

Hey y’all,

I’m sorry I have been sporadic about writing once again. I just got a job at a private Christian school in my area and have been very busy with the work surrounding that! Needless to say, I think my daily schedule will be much more structured and consistent than it has been of late- and, yes, that includes blogging! I hope y’all have been well and much has changed for the best in your lives, as it has in mine. Thanks and God Bless all y’all!

God Bless, as always,


Bonsoir tout le monde!

Je suis désolée que j’avais été sporadique concernant le blog encore. J’ai un nouveau job ‘a une école privée chrétienne près d’où j’habite; donc, j’avais eu très occupée avec le travail en question! Cela dit, mes plans quotidiennes sera plus constants- inclus que j’écrirai mon blog plus régulièrement! J’espere que vous êtes allés bien et que beaucoup avait changé pour le mieux dans vos vies, comme c’est le cas dans ma vie. Merci et Dieu vous bénisse, tout le monde!

Dieu vous benisse, comme toujours,



Shamanistic Soul Retreival: How to save a life

While I am not a shaman myself, and instead declare the truth that Jesus is my Lord, God, and Savior alone (in other words, I am a Christian), indeed, to be like Tom is what Jesus called His disciples to do. Mattthew 22:34-40, Matthew 28:18-20.

Source: Shamanistic Soul Retreival: How to save a life


Hello again, everyone!

Is it just me, or does anyone else go through creative slumps to the extent that y’all find yourself unsure about what to write? If not that, do you sometimes find yourselves unsure how to write something well if you have something to write in mind? That’s my state of mind of late and I seem to have been unable to get my mind back on track. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

God Bless, like always,


End of the Interlude (For Now)/ La Fin de l’Interlude (Pour le Moment)

Hi everyone,

I’m back! Life has gotten busy of late and I am glad for a break! I hope you are well, too. Thanks!

God Bless, like always,


Bonjour, tout le monde,

J’ai retourné pour le moment. La vie est frenetique ‘a present et je suis contente que je peux prendre une pause! J’espere que vous allez bien aussi. Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,