Major Life Changes, Broken Glasses, Philip Yancey, and the God of Grace

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been away once again! I have been busy with work, major life changes since I just turned 26 and am dealing with changes at work as well (no, they’re not negative; I’m enjoying the growth I have experienced under a new supervisor and am thankful for my former supervisor, with whom I still interact often!). In the meantime, I’ve experienced incredible spiritual growth through that work, in health and sickness alike, and starting a new journey outside of that as well. Specifically, I am in a book and Bible study that my church started, among others, for this semester of growth groups, on Philip Yancey’s renowned book What’s So Amazing About Grace? I don’t know about you, but if you have not read the book, I think you should! It’s worth a shot, at least, especially for the non-Christian and the seeker, whether the seeker is a believer or not (trust me when I say this. Christians are seekers, too, but have the distinction of being graced with the privilege to seek the One Who loves us beyond words. )

Check out a synopsis here from Mr. Yancey himself, if you like! The book is also available on the website mentioned here and numerous others!

Broken glasses came to mind as I read the book as well-or rather, that’s been happening a lot lately as I read it. For example, my sister broke a goblet-style drinking glass two Saturday mornings ago when she prepared to pour herself a glass of water. When I heard the glass break, I panicked because I thought, “What if anyone gets hurt? What if the girls [our pups] eat the glass?? What if……??” Anything could have happened then, I felt! Fortunately, my sister  decided, matter-of-factly, to usher Reilly and Camille into the family room adjacent to the kitchen while she commissioned me me to sweep up the glass and recycle the remains of said glass.

That’s something like the glass in question!

As I did so, I found myself annoyed because I was having a long morning, having slept poorly the night before, as I recall. That led, I admit, to poor choices- at least in thought, though I certainly thought of saying what I was already thinking! Namely, I thought, “Why am I the one sweeping up the glass when Nicole broke it?….sigh…..It would be nice if we could just repair it with a snap of our fingers!!…….Wait, only God can do that and I wish He would! Then again, there’s nothing we can do now. At least we’re not glass….”

Boy, did God humble me right then and there! He reminded me that I was more blessed than I thought to have the gifts of mental and physical strength and clarity to do such a task, even though it was annoying and dangerous to a degree! He also reminded me that He could repair the broken glass if He wanted to, but chose not to do so. However, He continued, “that’s what I do with you.” I asked God what He meant and He said that only He could make me whole, shows me grace, and is more kind and loving to me than I have ever deserved or will deserve.  WOW.

As you can imagine, I found myself thankful. I thought of the baby in Ezekiel 16 to which God compared the then-pagan Israel now as well. If you haven’t read that chapter of the book of Ezekiel, check out the passage here: Ezekiel 16, NLT.

Philip Yancey mentions John 8 in his book as an example of that grace. I, too, will point to that passage here: John 8, NLT.

Did anyone notice the parallels? Basically, God forgives and loves people who have sinned against Him openly and shamelessly when they don’t deserve it and He restores them so they can live for Him and in relationship with Him again. WOW. If that isn’t something, I don’t know what else to call grace but….indescribable. Oh, and our healing might or might not involve broken glass, but it sure is something to think about!

That said, I pray all is well for you, that God is with you, and, if there is anything you would like me to pray about or discuss with you here, let me know! Go in grace.

God Bless,