Settling Into Routines and Strange Inspiration

Hi y’all!

Finally my inspiration comes back to me. At least, that’s what happened on my hiatus, as work is quite busy once again, the other major life changes have fallen into place, and I am content in my current routines. Just a few tweaks need doing and that’s all there is to that!

That said, I will be writing again, starting with some spoken word poetry I will publish later this week. It’s funny: I guess in all the busyness, I haven’t had time to think, so creativity comes in spurts of late. Thankfully, God didn’t stop me from finding inspiration to write. Instead, He’s given it to me once again in church and in time spent with loved ones whenever I have had a moment to think. Thanks also to those who have stuck by me as I write sporadically of late and I appreciate your patience with me!

God Bless, as always,



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