Spoken Word Poetry: Within These Setbacks

Hi everyone!

As promised, here’s one of the poems I’ve been working on and am excited to share what I have here! At least now I have something, I feel, so I’m excited to get back to writing since I’m feeling inspired again! Without further ado, here is the first of two! This one concerns major life changes,

Within These Setbacks

What’s going on with me lately is something of a mystery-

That is, all manners of past and forgiven sins are hounding me.

They seem to be possessing my being- yes, they’re consuming me lately!

“God,  I thought I made peace with my past, so what happened,” I ask?

But I find I have hope and His presence in all things, even in life’s setbacks.

Yes, Lord, within these setbacks I’m finding Your peace

And within these setbacks I’ve found You’ll never leave me

In spite of what the evil one has told me I’m to believe.

Within these setbacks and the questions that follow unceasingly

You haven’t condemned me for asking them; rather, You hear me speak!

Lord, I’m ready, then, to break the chains of my selfish miseries

And ready to push back against the setbacks, then to be redeemed!

Remind me of Your life, death, and rising again and carry me

That I may see naught more  as I live than Your purpose for me.

Setbacks be gone! I’m ready!

Take my life, Lord, and use all I’ve been, am, and will be

To Your glory alone, For Your Name Only.

Let it be. I’m ready!


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