Another Poem: “I Am Free”

Hi everyone!

I forgot I had a few poems I published a while ago on my Facebook when I first delved into writing spoken word poetry, so here’s one of my more (surprisingly) successful ones. Hmmm….maybe it’s just me, but I notice a theme. Yes, our God is a God of peace Who has set us free from all we are but were never meant to be!

I Am Free

I wake up in chains, surrounded again

But then I remember they have been broken

And I can get up and walk away free

Like the chains of my pain and shame never hurt me

No, like they never ever even bound me.

I can walk into the light and live my life freely

Safe from the bondage and pain of spiritual slavery

To sin and death that once preoccupied and consumed me.

I no longer have to live my life for myself

For I found the Way, the Truth and the Life.

All else leads to the darkened, sinister gates of Hell

Where nothing will ever be able to live to tell

Of the testimony of our God, nor that all is well

For He made a way that many did not take

And still do not choose until it is too late.

God help us all, then, since we do it every day

Thank God, there is salvation with which we can come face to face

And we can get off the path to Hell once our lives are forever changed.

By the fortuitous grace of God, then, have we all been blessed

With the grace and mercy of His holy, merciful, Wonderful Presence.

Indeed, nothing is required that we be saved except that we accept

The free gift that is salvation in the merciful death and resurrection

Of our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, who saved us from sin in His love

When death was our debt to pay, to be expected for the reason

That we sin every day, God turns His face, and we ought to receive punishment

But the Father made a way through His Son indeed that all we need is to repent

For He came to forgive and give life to the full, yea, indeed, it is to the fullest.

So also go your way in Him, don’t look back, don’t hold on to your past

Because there is so much more that you have to live for than that.

You are loved, are worth more than you know, and have more to show

Than you may ever realize, but be assured that God surely knows

And He will never, ever fail to show you His love or let you go!

Indeed, you are forever His, as you always have been, just so you know

For you are His beloved creation, His treasured possession, His prize,

So find the love and worth you always sought for your life in His eyes

Then accept His free gift salvation and go life a free, forgiven life!!


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