Creative Inspiration and/or the Lack Thereof Lately

Hi everyone.

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much lately at all. Work has been busy (which isn’t surprising; in fact, it’s rewarding with all that in mind!), I’ve been newly diagnosed with an allergy to stevia (that was fun- not!) and have quite simply lacked inspiration lately. It’s coming back, though, thanks to the unexpected inspiration of two favorite artists, Matt Maher and Josh Groban, among other sources, so do be on the lookout for new writings and cover videos on YouTube, WordPress, etc. Most of all, how have y’all been of late?

God Bless, like always,



Back into the Swing of Things…Sort of.

Hi everyone,

Now that life has settled down somewhat (mainly due to allergies to stevia and resistance to the medication requiring ER visits!), all is well and I cannot be more thankful for being on the mend after a long weekend and happy to be alive. How have y’all been?

God Bless,