“Legacy: For You or For Me?” Spoken Word Poetry Part 8

Hello again!

I hope all is well and you’re having a fantastic week(end), depending on where you are presently! Thanks to those who encouraged me to get writing and be bold in putting my work out! I think I finally figured out the problem I’d had. Does anybody else get nervous when y’all write because you have so many ideas you’re considering that you can’t just pick one and have trouble getting organized? I honestly think such is the case for me; or, rather, there’s that and the failure to look for inspiration in everyday life consciously.

Even now, as I pondered writing about the trouble of writing, I’ve come up with another idea: a few thoughts on the idea of leaving a legacy and what I want mine to look like.  Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this discussion has come up much lately in church, at work, amongst friends and family members, whilst spending time alone reading a book, taking a walk with one’s dog or cat, etc.? I have, and, as several loved ones’ birthdays are coming up this month, that, too, got me thinking.

That said, the hesitation to publish any writing that I think might be worth a try to publish is gone for now. Therefore, I’m just putting more writing out there as the ideas come. Thank God, for sometimes I need to remember exactly Who is Author of all and didn’t create WordPress for nothing. After all, what *is* anything in this world if not for God? Thus, that is how I came to write my newest work as it is so far.


I think about the life I live on this earth

And as I type out these words, I ponder its worth./

I know that I am making some impact on this world

But is it for You or will this living only hurt?/

I want to make a difference, that all around me

Will only see Your Spirit in me, that my life is for Your glory.


After all, I know that Your sacrifice for me wasn’t wasted

Even though I fall into my sinful patterns time and time again./

Still, I often reflect on whether my life will show Your influence

Or will me, myself, and I have been my only focus?

A Christian, daughter, chosen one of God though I am,

Too often I make living something for myself as my reason…..

To be contiued. Conclusions tend to be my weak point, but what do you think so far? Thanks!

God Bless,




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