Hi everyone,

This entry will be fairly straightforward, as it is a continuation of the last one. Thanks and God Bless,


Continued after skipping a night due to fatigue from a busy week. . .

Before You, I never knew what freedom was
Before You, I never knew that I could truly love./
Fighting from victory, not for it, since You’ve already won
My triumph, a beautiful life for You, by your sacrifice and resurrection.

Before You, I never knew that my life had a reason
But now I know I exist for more than I could fathom.
And now that You’re my Lord, my God Who set me free
From the prison of the life that I’d lived for me/
I know what it is to be living for something worth believing
So I am no longer blind, but now I can see!


Here You are! I feel You taking over my heart
Raising me up from the dead to give me a new start!
And now a head heart of stone is becoming a soft of flesh
As You set me Your path and teach me what it is to live.
Yes, for the first time, I understand how I was dead in my sin
Ready to live again, nothing like I was before You!


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