The Video I Promised

Hi, y’all!

As promised, here is the new video I mentioned! Enjoy! The text of the poem is below for those unable to access the video. Thanks!

God Bless,


To Love Like You Do (Original Spoken Word Poetry)


To Love Like You Do

I don’t know how You do it

But You must see something in me

That makes me worth loving

As I often find me being lovable hard to believe.


But here You are, loving me with Your whole heart

And giving me nothing to fear, carrying me so far

From the broken and painful places where I got my start

That when I look back I’m amazed at where we are

And how You’ve never let me go, though I don’t often do my part.


Overcome by Your love, then, here I am

Brokenhearted and prideful, but wanting to start again.

I’m unable to process You casting my sins from the east to the west

By the grace of Your Son and His sacrificial life and death

Then He came back again through His resurrection, just as He had promised!


So I come to Your presence, expecting Your righteous judgment

After all, I know I deserve it, if I’m being honest.

But You say to me, “Child, come here to Me and receive your forgiveness,

For I see your heart is contrite and you have repented.”

Then You remind me, “Beloved, You are chosen and, therefore, cleansed.


Remember that, my child, and think no more on your debt.

But go sin no more and instead pursue My righteousness.”

Lord, may it be, then, that I would listen to the leading of Your Spirit

To love like You do and point the world to You, showing them Your lovingkindness.

May I put You first in all that do and Your love be my purpose

That I would live for You and ignore any other voices.

Yes, indeed, may I become as a voice in the wilderness

Living that others might see me and ask, “Who is this

That she follows? Whoever gives her life, that’s what we’re wanting.

Let us go out to seek Who this is that gave her such a joyful existence.”


Yes, Lord, for You give me rest and freedom from who I am

In living for myself and trying to be perfect on my merits.

Thank You, then, for reminding me that my work bears only stress

When I take back this life You gave and try for myself to be sinless.

Let me instead point the world around me to Your healing and wholeness

Where truth meets grace and Your mercy met Your justice.


So to love like You do and to see You move is all I ask

That only You would be my light and my salvation

That my life would be Your glorious reflection

That this broken world, seeing me, would seek You again.

For all have turned away and have walked paths of destruction.


Your glory and Your will be accomplished now and always, then,

Lord Jesus! Your will be done, now and forever, In Your Name, Amen.


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