Spoken Word Poetry: “Delay (Worth the Wait)”

Hi everyone!

I admit I have not been as consistent as I thought and I believed that I was over the writer’s block for sure! I apologize, ask pardon, and promise to write more regularly in the future. I admit I haven’t been able to make as much time as I like and that was draining, but it produced something, thanks be to God!

Delay (Worth the Wait)

Lord, what is this place? Where am I today?/

I thought my life would be much different than it is by this age!

Lord, I have some questions.

To start: Where are we going?

What am I doing right and where do I need to hit my knees?/

What else might I be missing that You, in your love, have had have in store for me?/

After all, you say, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived/

What God has prepared for those who love Him,” and I know you chose me. . .

Still, though I know Your “delay” is instead “Worth the wait,”

I’m starting to wonder how much longer I’ll stay here battling my pain./

Suffice it to say, I feel stuck in a rut-

Something like a cave, like David’s Adullam.


I know this can’t be all there is to feel this way

And that there is some purpose to staying a while in this place./

I know I have to learn something and will use it in the future,

And I have to admit I know I have often struggled to put You- not me- first.


So help me to remember You’re not done with me yet,

Instead that You’ve delivered me before and You’ll do it again./

That there is nothing that can make You love me any more or less

And that nothing can separate me from You, for I have been forgiven.


May it be, Lord, that Your will be done in my life every day

And that with each “delay” or loss, I’ll count them gains/

For Your glory and remember that You are with me now and to stay

So that I never fail to live for You and all I hope for is worth the wait.


Writer’s Block is Gone for Now! Spoken Word Poetry: “In A Writing Season”

Hi everyone!

I’m back for good now and am sorry to have delayed the publishing I promised to do. I admit I struggle with the hassle of perfectionism in work, but have since learned to enjoy writing for the sake of writing. Oddly enough, the delay inspired another work I’ll publish tomorrow, but here’s the one I said I’d publish first. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback, provided it’s civil, is welcome, as I have readers of all ages and all backgrounds here. Thanks!

In A Writing Season (“I’m Just The Pen”)

In a writing season

When the words don’t come easily

About the much there is to say

When life affords much to write about/

Yet the struggle stays the same . . .

It’s finding the time to get out, to put down on paper-

Or something- what comes to mind and to try leads to

Second-guessing yourself or asking “Am I?”/

“Will what comes of my hands result in God being glorified?”

Am I pleasing Him with the way that I’m using my time?”

“What happens if I’m wrong and people find darkness looking for light?”

“Well, it’s a worth a shot, I realize.”

After all, what’s the point of wasted talent?

What’s behind having dreams if not to give God the worship

Through the work meant to result from dreams He’s given?

Very well, I see: I can’t be perfect, for only God is perfect indeed

But can lead others to the Lord through the words I’ve written/

So I will write through His inspiration

Since my life is His to do with as He wishes.

/Therefore, in all to be written, may “God be the Author and I be the pen.”


P.S.: If anyone is interested in the source of the quote, the 1930’s-1950’s era country music singer-songwriter Hank Williams, Senior, once said of the songs he wrote about his life and Christian faith, or something like that, “God’s the Author. I’m just the pen,” as I recall hearing on a Country Music Television (CMT) program when I was a kid and a huge fan of country music. To this day, that love remains and has inspired my writing to a degree.



Back to Writing/Writing in Progress

Hi everyone!

As promised, I am writing again and I am not quite finished with the work yet. but something of potential good has come out of this writing season. Namely, feeling like I had to give up writing for a while because I lacked inspiration and time to do it, despite my desire to do so, put me in a stagnant frame of mind. Then again, I realize, sometimes one just has to write, as I’ve mentioned in previous work.

The Trouble with Writing


As such, I’ll post the work tomorrow. 🙂

God Bless, Michelle




Hi y’all!

Whoever’s taking the time to view the works I’ve written in the past, thank you! I’ve been in a writing season, or lack thereof, and find writing- thanks in part to finding time to do that- difficult lately. A lack of inspiration as a result of busyness doesn’t help, either, and, frankly, finding that I am having trouble staying creative and finding much about which to write in the every day is frustrating. That anyone is reading my work and giving anything I have to say a chance is encouraging, especially since I want my life and work to reflect nothing but Christ and Who He is. For those who have read my work and gained something from it, especially if God used me to bring you closer to Him, that’s wonderful! Alors, je vous remercie encore! (Thanks again!)

God Bless,