Writer’s Block is Gone for Now! Spoken Word Poetry: “In A Writing Season”

Hi everyone!

I’m back for good now and am sorry to have delayed the publishing I promised to do. I admit I struggle with the hassle of perfectionism in work, but have since learned to enjoy writing for the sake of writing. Oddly enough, the delay inspired another work I’ll publish tomorrow, but here’s the one I said I’d publish first. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback, provided it’s civil, is welcome, as I have readers of all ages and all backgrounds here. Thanks!

In A Writing Season (“I’m Just The Pen”)

In a writing season

When the words don’t come easily

About the much there is to say

When life affords much to write about/

Yet the struggle stays the same . . .

It’s finding the time to get out, to put down on paper-

Or something- what comes to mind and to try leads to

Second-guessing yourself or asking “Am I?”/

“Will what comes of my hands result in God being glorified?”

Am I pleasing Him with the way that I’m using my time?”

“What happens if I’m wrong and people find darkness looking for light?”

“Well, it’s a worth a shot, I realize.”

After all, what’s the point of wasted talent?

What’s behind having dreams if not to give God the worship

Through the work meant to result from dreams He’s given?

Very well, I see: I can’t be perfect, for only God is perfect indeed

But can lead others to the Lord through the words I’ve written/

So I will write through His inspiration

Since my life is His to do with as He wishes.

/Therefore, in all to be written, may “God be the Author and I be the pen.”


P.S.: If anyone is interested in the source of the quote, the 1930’s-1950’s era country music singer-songwriter Hank Williams, Senior, once said of the songs he wrote about his life and Christian faith, or something like that, “God’s the Author. I’m just the pen,” as I recall hearing on a Country Music Television (CMT) program when I was a kid and a huge fan of country music. To this day, that love remains and has inspired my writing to a degree.




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