Spoken Word Poetry: “Delay (Worth the Wait)”

Hi everyone!

I admit I have not been as consistent as I thought and I believed that I was over the writer’s block for sure! I apologize, ask pardon, and promise to write more regularly in the future. I admit I haven’t been able to make as much time as I like and that was draining, but it produced something, thanks be to God!

Delay (Worth the Wait)

Lord, what is this place? Where am I today?/

I thought my life would be much different than it is by this age!

Lord, I have some questions.

To start: Where are we going?

What am I doing right and where do I need to hit my knees?/

What else might I be missing that You, in your love, have had have in store for me?/

After all, you say, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived/

What God has prepared for those who love Him,” and I know you chose me. . .

Still, though I know Your “delay” is instead “Worth the wait,”

I’m starting to wonder how much longer I’ll stay here battling my pain./

Suffice it to say, I feel stuck in a rut-

Something like a cave, like David’s Adullam.


I know this can’t be all there is to feel this way

And that there is some purpose to staying a while in this place./

I know I have to learn something and will use it in the future,

And I have to admit I know I have often struggled to put You- not me- first.


So help me to remember You’re not done with me yet,

Instead that You’ve delivered me before and You’ll do it again./

That there is nothing that can make You love me any more or less

And that nothing can separate me from You, for I have been forgiven.


May it be, Lord, that Your will be done in my life every day

And that with each “delay” or loss, I’ll count them gains/

For Your glory and remember that You are with me now and to stay

So that I never fail to live for You and all I hope for is worth the wait.



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