Spoken Word Poetry: Glowsticks (The Full Effect)

Hello and Happy New Year! Finally, I feel like I have the promised poem to share and might as well give a little background so y’all have some context for the metaphor here. At the beginning of December, I missed church since I was at home recovering from a stomach bug and I was bummed that I couldn’t be there in person. I did, however, watch the service online and checked Facebook afterwards. As I browsed Facebook, I saw a post by a friend from my church that got me thinking.

Well, never mind that, as “got me thinking” isn’t exactly strong enough phrasing to describe how I felt. Frankly, I teared up reading the powerful post.

As follows:

I was in Dollar Tree last night and there was a lady and two kids behind me in the LONG line. One was a big kid, one was a toddler. The bigger one had a pack of¬†glowsticks and the baby was screaming for them so the Mom opened the pack and gave him one, which stopped his tears. He walked around with it smiling, but them the bigger boy took it and the baby started screaming again. Just as the Mom was about to fuss at the older child, he bent the glowstick and handed it back to the baby. As we walked outside at the same time, the baby noticed that the stick was now glowing and his brother said “I had to break it so you could get the full effect from it.” I almost ran because l could hear God saying to me, “I had to break you too show you why I created you. You had to go through it so you could fulfill your purpose.” That little baby was happy just swinging that “unbroken” glowstick around in the air because he didn’t understand what it was created to do which was “glow”. There are some people who will be content just “being” but some of us that God has chosen, we have to be “broken”. We have to get sick. We go through divorce. We have to bury our spouse, parents, bestfriend, or our child because, in those moments of desperation, God is breaking us but when the breaking is done, then we will be able to see the reason for which we were created.
Shared from a friend…..Copy & Paste

WOW. I am reading this post for the third time since God ordained that I read remembered the story. I am still emotionally affected, as I hope I am always affected, by reading testimonies like this. That, in turn, inspired the piece I am publishing here, and I pray you will find everything posted here encouraging and effective in bringing you closer to God!

Glowsticks (The Full Effect)

Being sick certainly isn’t the best way to spend a worshipful Sunday,

But I see now God primed me for a transformation of my heart that day.

I admit I was complaining as I worshipped, worshipping though I was;

Still, I missed the physical presences of many fellow believers I have come to love.

Looking back, though, had I known what God had planned in His infinite love,

Perhaps I’d have been resting without question, choosing instead to trust.

Thanks to be to God that He gives endless second chances, even in the midst of questions!

Thanks be to God He loves us even when we reject the best gift we’ve been given!

Perhaps having a restless mind that day and being exposed as stubborn

Was the catalyst for a closer look at Christ and my worth as His, forgiven.

Perhaps I needed to be broken of myself once again- and to repent, as often.

I realize now I needed to see that, God is a master of bringing beauty from brokeness!

I confess I realize now I am as a toddler angry at his brother in a dollar store

For breaking a sought-after glowstick, unaware the break makes it something more.

Only when He tells me that He “had to break it to get the full effect”

Do I realize that the pain was worth enduring for the outcome in the end.


God, may I, then, be a glowstick You break so you can use my life to full effect

And make the life of this child You made of me one of reverence and worship.

Now and forever, in Your Name I pray, dear Jesus, Amen.