Spoken Word Poetry: Fearless Faith (Taking A Page From Freddie Mercury): Part 2: The Poem Itself

Hi everyone!

To be honest, I’m surprised anyone got through any part of the previous entry at all without thinking, “This is too long; I can’t read this whole thing!” So, the short version is, essentially, is easy to sum up. Life has become too busy for me to sit down and write with full focus much of this summer and I have been going through other, confusing and painful struggles that are somewhat more personal and alluded to in the earlier post as well: Spoken Word Poetry: Fearless Faith (Taking A Page from Freddie Mercury) (Part 1: Introduction). That said, the life and legacy of the late Mr. Mercury and last week’s sermon at church on having life to the full, specifically as pertains to decision-making, got me thinking Life: Hacks: Hacking Decision-Making.

Now I understand what clicked and I’m putting the pieces together in this poem, in a way. I can’t live, much less do anything, on my own, anyway. After all, God made me for much more than to live a boring, mundane, and meaningless existence. Instead, He created me for much more and, well, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want that! That’s what this poem is about and, without further ado, I present the work below!

Fearless Faith (Taking A Page From Freddie Mercury)

To take a page from the playbook of someone who lacked belief

I admit, is uncommon for me, since he didn’t know peace.

(Or maybe he did, sometimes, it seemed? If I’m wrong, correct me.)

I hope I’m wrong and perhaps he died knowing the Lord of Lords, Jesus, My King,

Although Freddie Mercury lived, perhaps, not always sure what he believed.


Maybe I’m wrong, and, if I am, please correct me.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch, though, to say he lived freely,

With confidence that what would come of him was always meant to be.

With one exception, that is, but even then he chose to break free

Of the early defeat he could have faced battling his disease.


Maybe I’m alone, but I’ve seen many in crisis call out to God

That the wills they once had to fight became completely lost.

 Wouldn’t fighting be better, since one could beat the odds?

Mr. Mercury did, and dying, proclaimed, “the show must go on.”


Wow! Thank You, God, for the reminder

 That, since my life is not done, you’ve a purpose.

Indeed, I remember now this struggle is just

Part of a bigger picture I have yet to see

And that my life may really just be beginning at almost thirty!


Lord, maybe this is bold of me, but bold I will dare to be

If a request to be bolder about living life brings you glory.

That is, I want to be like Abraham and Sarah, Mother Theresa,

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many, many such others,

Looking at them as I do Mr. Mercury, seeing fearless faith.


Seeing their confidence and wishing for the same,

Lord, may my fears instead become faith and following Your Way.

Yes, Lord, lead me to choose the narrow gate every day

That I might open it and find Your best for me.


May I remember, though, that living this life won’t be easy,

But nothing, nothing, truly compares to Your calling –

A life lived in integrity based on You and your gift of fearless faith.




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