Busyness . . . .Oy.: Part 2

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting an entry last night as I promised I would. I have been really busy over the past couple of days and I hope you can forgive my slip-up. I also promise to post more consistently, starting again tomorrow. Thank God, the semester is almost over and I think I can relax a bit even though I still have much to do before the 17th! God Bless all of you, pray for me regarding the end of the semester and the needs of my loved ones (family, friends, even acquaintances), and I will also be praying for you however you ask me to do so, whether for specific requests or life in general.

God Bless, as always,



Giving It All Away, or Rather, Giving 100% of What I Am and Have to Jesus


I don’t have much to say tonight, but I want y’all to read this given the chance, reflect, and then go dedicate (or if you are already saved, rededicate) your life to Christ and live for Him as He has permitted you to do: shamelessly, freely, joyfully. Living your life for Christ won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. It is worth it; I promise.

God Bless,