On Good Friday and The Word As A Fire in One’s Bones

But if I say I’ll never mention the Lord
    or speak in his name,
his word burns in my heart like a fire.
    It’s like a fire in my bones!
I am worn out trying to hold it in!
    I can’t do it!” – Jeremiah 20:9, NLT

Hi everyone:

Yup. That’s exactly what’s happening to me right now. I didn’t want to do anything much on Good Friday but to rest in God’s Truth and His Passion for us all. What a wonderful act of sacrifice and yet a heartbreaking one. That a Man Who was innocent of all wrongfoing- God Himself- should live among us and die as a common criminal of His day and, worse, a blaspehemous one at that in the eyes of Jewish and Roman religious and civic leaders, is surprising at best and downright shocking and earth-shaking at worst. Good! Maybe the worst is the best thing that could happen to many. After all, Jesus said that He would die to take away our sins and rise again. He did!

No wonder Jeremiah, also known as “The Weeping Prophet” since he transcribed both Jeremiah and Lamentations under the direct calling of God, couln’t keep the Word down in His heart! I, for one, am thankful because I am writing this entry. Thinking further on the situation, what better way to live than to know God? Jeremiah may not have thought so at times, but God sure loved and used him to reach many. I pray you will reflect on the same today, as have I, and am once again floored by God’s immeasurable grace and love when He could have wrought justice on those who deserved it- all humankind. Instead, He took our sin on Him. See Isaiah 53, among other passages, on this history. 🙂

Finally, I encourage you to do some reading. Be it the Bible, a book, a magazine article, a web page you might like, what’s stopping any of us?

God Bless and Happy Good Friday,



Major Life Changes, Broken Glasses, Philip Yancey, and the God of Grace

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been away once again! I have been busy with work, major life changes since I just turned 26 and am dealing with changes at work as well (no, they’re not negative; I’m enjoying the growth I have experienced under a new supervisor and am thankful for my former supervisor, with whom I still interact often!). In the meantime, I’ve experienced incredible spiritual growth through that work, in health and sickness alike, and starting a new journey outside of that as well. Specifically, I am in a book and Bible study that my church started, among others, for this semester of growth groups, on Philip Yancey’s renowned book What’s So Amazing About Grace? I don’t know about you, but if you have not read the book, I think you should! It’s worth a shot, at least, especially for the non-Christian and the seeker, whether the seeker is a believer or not (trust me when I say this. Christians are seekers, too, but have the distinction of being graced with the privilege to seek the One Who loves us beyond words. )

Check out a synopsis here from Mr. Yancey himself, if you like! The book is also available on the website mentioned here and numerous others!

Broken glasses came to mind as I read the book as well-or rather, that’s been happening a lot lately as I read it. For example, my sister broke a goblet-style drinking glass two Saturday mornings ago when she prepared to pour herself a glass of water. When I heard the glass break, I panicked because I thought, “What if anyone gets hurt? What if the girls [our pups] eat the glass?? What if……??” Anything could have happened then, I felt! Fortunately, my sister  decided, matter-of-factly, to usher Reilly and Camille into the family room adjacent to the kitchen while she commissioned me me to sweep up the glass and recycle the remains of said glass.

That’s something like the glass in question!

As I did so, I found myself annoyed because I was having a long morning, having slept poorly the night before, as I recall. That led, I admit, to poor choices- at least in thought, though I certainly thought of saying what I was already thinking! Namely, I thought, “Why am I the one sweeping up the glass when Nicole broke it?….sigh…..It would be nice if we could just repair it with a snap of our fingers!!…….Wait, only God can do that and I wish He would! Then again, there’s nothing we can do now. At least we’re not glass….”

Boy, did God humble me right then and there! He reminded me that I was more blessed than I thought to have the gifts of mental and physical strength and clarity to do such a task, even though it was annoying and dangerous to a degree! He also reminded me that He could repair the broken glass if He wanted to, but chose not to do so. However, He continued, “that’s what I do with you.” I asked God what He meant and He said that only He could make me whole, shows me grace, and is more kind and loving to me than I have ever deserved or will deserve.  WOW.

As you can imagine, I found myself thankful. I thought of the baby in Ezekiel 16 to which God compared the then-pagan Israel now as well. If you haven’t read that chapter of the book of Ezekiel, check out the passage here: Ezekiel 16, NLT.

Philip Yancey mentions John 8 in his book as an example of that grace. I, too, will point to that passage here: John 8, NLT.

Did anyone notice the parallels? Basically, God forgives and loves people who have sinned against Him openly and shamelessly when they don’t deserve it and He restores them so they can live for Him and in relationship with Him again. WOW. If that isn’t something, I don’t know what else to call grace but….indescribable. Oh, and our healing might or might not involve broken glass, but it sure is something to think about!

That said, I pray all is well for you, that God is with you, and, if there is anything you would like me to pray about or discuss with you here, let me know! Go in grace.

God Bless,


It’s Been A While

Hi everyone,


It’s been a while and I am sorry I have not been blogging at all recently. Work has been really busy, among other things, but getting all of said tasks within and without the context of work for now helps! I resolve, thus, to blog more regularly and hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! So long as we don’t forget the Reason for the Season, all should be well. Truthfully, the month or so that I ended up taking off from blogging and such has changed much, but I am back now and a more mature person for it, I think.

That said, how were your Christmas Days and how will you celebrate the remaining eleven days of the season? Let me know! Thanks!

God Bless, like always, everyone,



After A Busy Week: Part 2/Après Une Semaine Occupée: Part 2

Source”: http://www.stjudes.org BTW, for those who did not know, I am fairly certain the founder of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Danny Thomas, was Catholic.

Hi everyone,

Indeed this past week was busy, as I’d mentioned earlier!

Namely, I participated in the following activities this past week:

a) Classes,

b) Work,

c) A Special Event: Helping lead a worship night hosted by my university’s chapter of the United Christian Council,

d) Another Special Event: Attending a surprise party for a longtime friend to thank him for his many kindnesses to our friend group over the years,

and much more!!! Mom and I photographing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen anywhere capped off my Friday and relieved me of much stress! (See the previous post for the photographs.)

That said, I promise to post more regularly from now on. Hopefully y’all have been well, too!

God Bless, as always,


Bonsoir tout le monde,

Comme j’ai mentionné, la semaine dernière était très occupée! En bref, j’étais occupée avec ces activités:

a) Mes cours universitaires

b) Mon travail

c) Un Événement Spécial: J’étais un leader d’une nuit de la prière et de l’adoration ‘a Dieu par le club United Christian Council ‘a mon université,

d) Un Autre Événement Spécial: Je suis allée ‘a une boum pour un ami de plusieurs d’ans,
et plus- beaucoup de plus! Que Maman et moi avons pris des photos du crépuscule- un des plus beaux crépuscules que j’avais vu pendant ma vie, en fait- a conclu ma semaine bien!!

Cela dit, je promettrai ‘a créer des articles de blog plus régulièrement. J’espère que vos journées ont passé bien aussi! Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,


Life: Exhausting, Busy, Ever-Changing, and Beautiful/La Vie: Épuisante, Active, Moirée, et Belle

I have felt like her some days! Thank God, He sustains me! J’avais eu comme elle a eu des jours! Grace ‘a Dieu, Il me soutient!

Hi everyone,

Some days, like yesterday and today as a result of Spring Break’s ending, have been busy and tiring. But, that doesn’t mean God isn’t good and He doesn’t have a plan for those days and the more restful ones alike! Actually, the days on which I find myself rushing to go everywhere I need to go, get all of my current academic, business, and personal projects done are the days I find myself most dependent on God. Thank God, He reminds His chosen: “And He said to me,“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” (2 Corinthians 6:8-9, NKJV)

Thus, I am reminded to rely on God more with every day and surrender all to Him. I think my life is looking up, then, as it always will with Him, even in the midst of stress! How are y’all doing this week?

God Bless all of you, as always,


Bonjour tout le monde,

Des jours, comme hier et aujourd’hui ‘a cause de la fin des Vacances de Printemps, avaient occupés et épuisants.  Mais, ça ne suggère pas que Dieu n’est pas bon et qu’Il n’a pas un plan pour ces jours et les jours qui sont plus paisibles que les autres. En fait, je trouve que les jours les plus occupés avec mes projets académiques, lesquels de mes affaires, et lesquels qui sont personnels, sont les jours quand je me fiers sur Dieu. Grace ‘a Dieu, Il dit ‘a ses enfants: ” Au sujet de cette épreuve, j’ai prié par trois fois le Seigneur de l’éloigner de moi,mais il m’a répondu: «Ma grâce te suffit, c’est dans la faiblesse que ma puissance se manifeste pleinement.» C’est pourquoi je me vanterai plutôt de mes faiblesses, afin que la puissance du Christ repose sur moi.” (2 Corinthiens 12:6-9, BDS)

Cela dit, je suis rappelée ‘a faire ma confiance en Dieu plus et plus avec chaque jour qui passe et donnera toute de ma vie ‘a Lui: mon cœur, mes rêves, mon âme, et cetera. Donc, je pense que ma vie s’améliorera, comme c’est le cas toujours sous la sagesse et la direction de Dieu, même quand je suis stressée! Comment allez-vous cette semaine, mes amis?

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,



Hi everyone,

Sometimes I’m pleasantly astonished by the views I get, especialy since I haven’t been posting as much as I would like lately. University work is very important to me right now and and I thank y’all for understanding that. That said, I promise to have something up by the weekend once again. Additionally, I will try to have completed the original/English version of Anomaly and have a French version up by Sunday evening as well.  Thank you all so much!!

God Bless, as always,


Bonjour tout le monde,

Quelquefois, je suis étonnée dans une maniéré plaisante par le nombre des vues que je reçois, spécialement comme je n’avais pas créé autant des articles de blog comme j’avais aimé ‘a créer au moment. Mes études universitaires sont très importantes au moment et je vous remercier que vous comprenez ma situation. Cela dit, je promis ‘a créer un article de blog créatif pendant le weekend encore. En plus, j’essaierai ‘a compléter les versions anglaise (la version originale) et la version française d’Anomalie sur le soir du dimanche. Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,


Spoken Word Poetry: Anomaly: Part 3/ Un Poème Parlé: Anomalie: La Troisième Partie

Hi everyone,

Having been busy for a bit and reviewing the poem while debating whether to post it to Facebook- or, rather, the poem as it is so far, I found myself writing a bit more, so here’s the continuation of said poem. Thanks and God Bless!

As always,


Bonjour, tout le monde,

Comme j’étais occupée pour cette semaine et j’avais lu le poème pendant j’avais décidé si je le distribuerai au Facebook- ou, au présent, le poème comme il existe au moment- j’ai écrit plus du poème. Alors, la continuation du poème est en bas.  Merci et Dieu vous bénisse!

Comme toujours,



They confirmed that I was the anomaly of our diverse group

When we discussed social constructs and I told the truth./

“I’m the white, Christian, female, heterosexual, cisgender one,

So I’m probably the anomaly here”- sure enough, I was./

Then we went right back to our friendly discussion and banter

Though I found myself disengaged as I pondered the matter/

Indeed, I stood out from the rest, for I live quite a bit differently,

But at least I’m glad we get along, and more so to be the anomaly.

So it’s no wonder sometimes I feel lost in this broken, selfish world,

Living in a fallen world is difficult for this serious, old soul of a Christian girl

Whose entire existence hinges on day-by-day living

Serving her God and King while awaiting His second coming.

I also admit I get lost sometimes

Chasing things of the world that aren’t meant to be mine/

Like the rest of us, as I am just like all humans:

Sinful and looking for something, some peace or happiness./

Thankfully, I’ve found both in Jesus, though He never had to give them;/

What a wonderful God He is, Who loves me knowing I am imperfect!

Thus, I want to make my life a life lived in His service/

So that the world would see in me and my life the King who made them!

(To Be Continued/ ‘A suivre)