A Bit of Writing: Part 6: Something in French (Un Peu d’Écriture en français)

The image is from http://www.bestclipartblog.com/clipart-pics/poetry/clip-art-2.jpg. I felt like that, while the art was meant to represent the act of writing poetry, it can represent any kind of writing, really, if taken alone!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a blessed weekend so far! In case you didn’t already know, my native language is English of the Standard American dialect, but I am also fluent in French of the Standard Parisian dialect and know some French of the Quebecer dialect as well. That said, I thought I’d share something I wrote in French the day before Thanksgiving:

La vie instable, c’est une leçon pour moi

‘A faire la confiance en Dieu pour ma vie et mon âme/

Il me connait le mieux, je suis qu’Il est Dieu……

(This unstable life is a lesson for me

To trust in God for my life and my soul

He knows me best, I know He is God….)

It is a work in progress, but I will try to write more in the coming week and update the poem as I am able. Out of curiosity, as well, do you any of you dabble in creative writing? If so, do you write poetry, song lyrics, music, novels, short stories, serials, et cetera? Let me know. I’d be interested in reading more about you as well as sharing my heart with you and allowing my life to be an expression of the living God. Praise Him, I get to do that because He died on the cross for me and rose again, atoning for my sins in my place and rising again to show He is Who He says He is!!!

That said, I welcome any and all comments as long as they are clean, civil, and constructive. Thanks!

God Bless,




Hi everyone,

Even though I literally just started this blog about a week ago, I see I am gaining some notice already! Good. I ike connecting with people.

What is more and what is more important, I am glad that people are responding to the truths that all of us are works in progress, God has plans for all of us, and I am the one God is using to spread this message this way. That’s all I want in the end! Thank you! I appreciate that there are some philosophical types like me out there. It’s been an honor to connect with y’all so far! So, that said, thank you, and I look forward to continuing my interactions with you!

God Bless,


PS: I will post some writing tonight, as promised, but it may be late in the night when I post it- around midnight EST or so. God Bless!

Heads Up….

The writer’s mind never sleeps, so heads up!

Hey everyone,

This is Michelle again. I hope y’all had a splendid weekend and you may be seeing many more posts than usual in your feed this week as I plan to publish some writing, past and present, in the week to come. Let me know what you think upon seeing the posts! All commentary is welcome, so long as it is clean, civil, and honest. Thank you and God Bless you!