Back to Writing…and A Risk…..

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since I’ve written anything, as life had become busy, stressful, and exhausting as a result of life circumstances coming together enough for me to freak out and resign myself to waiting for the right time. Finally, I see a lull in the activity around me that is enough to have made me think about taking a risk.
The risk, to be specific, is publishing a book of the poetry and other writings I have made over the years. From the time I was twelve, perhaps earlier than that, I’ve been passionate about writing. I’ve also been passionate about missions work and noticed that most of my writing has concerned the Gospel directly. What is more, many, many loved ones have  told me I should publish some of my work, and I don’t see why not. At least, I’m willing to take the risk because I have considered it for a long time and I see now as being as good a time as any to do so. Finally, on the heels of my sister publishing two books a few years ago, which she continues to do today, came my decision to give it a shot.


(I threw this in here to give you an idea of Nicki’s work so far, which inspired me!)

If anyone is interested in checking out her work:

1) Here is Nicki’s blog:

2) This is the first of the aforementioned books:

(Somehow the image didn’t come up, so I am encouraging y’all to check out the link instead.)

3) This is the second of the two books in question:

4) For any other work you might like: Here is her Author Central page.

The final step in the decision-making process had to do with encouragement from a friend at church- many, actually- who pushed me to publish what I have written!
Therefore, to those of you who have followed my blog, YT channel, and such so far, thank you! Your support and continued interest in my work has motivated me considerably as well.

Above all, if Jesus isn’t in it, I’m done. I will walk away from everything willingly if ever there should come a time that I am more consumed with fame and fortune than reaching people for Christ, with money and fame as tools to do so. I have no doubt that God can use anything and everything in this world to spread His Gospel. After all, He made everything that exists and I see no reason not to continue to glorify His Name by the writing I’m doing. At least, I think so and I figure the risk is worth a shot!

I will also resume doing as I had promised previously and would appreciate suggestions, etc., to start again. Thanks be to God, y’all have been incredible motivators and I am grateful to know you, no matter how often or little we talk or otherwise communicate.

In that vein, I have one more question for the more experienced bloggers, authors, and such of the world: For a first-time/future published author like me, what advice do you have that helped you succeed in taking the risk and seeing it through? What kept you going, knowing the risk would be huge, but made doing so worth it? I would appreciate any constructive feedback that you would have to offer if you are so inclined. Thank you very much!

In His Name, may this be done, if this is His will.

God Bless,



When Inspiration Calls…..

Write. Just write. It doesn’t have to perfect, I realize. Actually, I find that the bulk of my inspiration comes from being in church and in community with loved ones, especially fellow believers, outside of church. I have to give my pastor a lot of credit, actually, as something he said in church today really resonated with me.

Namely, take a look at Exodus 12 and tell me who you think the angel of death was. Some say an archangel, some believe there was another angel assigned to do this task, some say Jesus (“the Angel of the Lord,” as He is so often called in the Old Testament.).The answer surprised me, as I was of one of the other schools of thought that, well, wasn’t what God meant to show us. Considering that the Angel of Death passed over houses marked by lambs’ and goats’ blood and that pointed to the sacrifice Christ made for us well after the Exodus, I think that is a neon sign pointing to Who the Angel was.

That also got me thinking and, thus, I am writing again!

So far, I have what is written here:

The Angel of Death could have taken my life that night

He passed over my house and saw the doorframes./

But He saw the blood and He spared me from the might

That could have meant the end of His love and my days./

But in His grace, I lived to see my shame taken away

And He chose to die when the punishment was mine!/

How can it be that He chose me to live freely for His sake?

Why should I have been spared from the fate to die?



But He is here and in His death saved me

He is working in my life even when I cannot see./

God will stay faithful even in my unbelief-

Yes, even when I doubt, or I don’t believe  . . ./

He walks with me, He walks with me.

Child, are you wandering in the deserts of your past

Questioning what you have not instead of seeing what you have?

There is grace, there is mercy, it is free, just come and ask

Without cost and with an open heart, will your chains break at last!

You are free in Him, loved, wanted, chosen, forgiven

He will never leave or forsake you in His promise./

Oh, come to the fountains, all who are thirsty!

Drink from the well of life and prepare to live free!

(Chorus 2x)

Something like that. If you have any comments, questions, etc., please do share them.

By the way, I’m also linking y’all to the sermon here.

Let me know what you think! All comments are welcome provided they are clean, etc.

God Bless,


Happy New Year! Well, Almost….

Hi friends!

As we go into this New Year, how do you think your year went and why? What was the best part? What was the worst? (Yes, more than one of both is acceptable to write here, for those wondering.) Also, what are your resolutions for 2017? Mine are as follows, as I have the feeling some may ask:

1) Get closer to God by reading Scripture, journaling, and sharing in community with fellow believers every day.

2) Make more time for family and friends however that may be, including my furbabies.

3) Save more of my money. I have a set amount going into my savings account with every paycheck and resolve not to touch it save for emergencies or other unexpected expenses.

4) Exercise daily, even if that is just some light stretching or a one-hour walk with my mom, my sister, the pups, or some combination of the specified groupings.

5) Be more efficient at work and have no fear about seeking feedback especially.

6) If I can, do a random act of kindness for someone daily. If not, do so as much as possible this coming year.

7) Write more poetry and songs, also taking the time to repair my guitar and violin in between all of the writing!

Finally, above all, how may I pray for you and yours as we enter the New Year? God Bless!

God Bless,


More Lyrics/ Plus des Paroles

Hi everyone,

After a couple of busy weeks settling into the routine of the new semester, I feel like I can finally breathe a bit and write some more lyrics again. The inspiration driving this particular bit is simply that God has sustained me throughout the stress of navigating my last undergraduate semester at my university. Therefore, you’ll see that the theme of these lyrics is just that: the sustaining grace and unlimited kindness of the Lord make Him praiseworthy, among His numerous other praiseworthy attributes. He is God, after all!


Lord, I don’t know how I’ve stayed sane
Through all this fear that keeps me in a place/
Where I’m trapped fearing for my future.
Where, no matter how I do the work/
I stay unsure how I’ll get through,
Then I remember You are with me and the truth./
That is


Never will You leave me nor forsake me;
You are with me in the highest places and the deep./
No matter where I’ll be I’ll always have Your presence sweet,
So I accept this course You chose for me to keep/
And I praise You. I will praise You! I will praise You….

I feel like Benaiah with the lion in the pit
Having You to lean back on, not sure how to do it/
But I know just that I can always trust You
For You’ve never let me down and You won’t start soon-
Or ever!
Praise You, Lord, my God, my forever!

Repeat Refrain/Chorus

I don’t quite know where I’m meant to go from here/
But under Your leadership, I have nothing to fear.
(After all, Benaiah killed the lion with his hands alone;
So I am sure You will strengthen me mightily to kill my own!)

Repeat Refrain/Chorus 2x

I’m not alone, not alone, not alone,
So I praise You for you will never leave me on my own.

(Fade out, end)

By the way, given the chance, check out the passages in Scripture which concern Benaiah, the man referenced in this lyric. 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles 11 have much to say of him. PS: Can you imagine killing a lion in a pit with just your bare hands on a snowy day? Phew! Also check out Pastor Mark Batterson’s book on Benaiah’s exploits and what we can learn about living for God fully by Benaiah’s example. No wonder he was David’s chief bodyguard and Solomon’s chief executioner during his lifetime!

God bless and thanks.

As always, Michelle

After Some Consideration/Apres Un Peu De Considération…. has some decent clipart for projects like this! FRPIC a l’art décente pour les projets comme ce blog!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well! As promised, I am writing some again today and will post it. I am also working to learn a popular, somewhat recent song (2003 or so) for a cover video. Look out for a new post with some writing this evening and a video by Saturday! Thanks and God Bless you.

As always,


Bonjour tout le monde,

J’espère que vous allez bien! Après un peu de considération, comme j’ai promis, j’écrirai un peu aujourd’hui et je publierai mes écritures. J’apprendrai une chanson pour une vidéo aussi (2003 ou un autre an plus récent), comme un souscripteur sur YouTube (YT) m’a demandé. Anticipez un article de blog avec des nouvelles écritures ce soir et une vidéo avant ou sur samedi! Merci et Dieu vous bénisse.

Comme toujours,


Heads Up….

The writer’s mind never sleeps, so heads up!

Hey everyone,

This is Michelle again. I hope y’all had a splendid weekend and you may be seeing many more posts than usual in your feed this week as I plan to publish some writing, past and present, in the week to come. Let me know what you think upon seeing the posts! All commentary is welcome, so long as it is clean, civil, and honest. Thank you and God Bless you!


Being A Musician/Singer-Songwriter. . . . . I Want to and Feel Like I Might As Well Do This…..

If one has music in his or her life, one is blessed! Si on a la musique pendant sa vie, on est béni!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well! Additionally, my YouTube channel seems to be getting a lot of traffic lately relative to what I usually get! That said, I want you to add your voice to the already-long list of requests I’ve received and ideas I’ve considered for song covers, et cetera. I also write from time to time, so if you want me to post some original work, I’d be more than glad to do that as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks!! The link is below:

God Bless,