Reflections on the Coronavirus and #FaithOverFear : Day 30: One Month In….

Hi, everyone!


I don’t have much to say tonight except one important thing: God really has been  good to us, even when we don’t see His goodness or doubt it. He truly love us!


Example: I was reading a Bible plan by Susan Narajala, I believe, called “While You Wait.” The plan concerns God’s plans for our lives, His timing for them, and their perfection, come what may. One of the examples used was Elijah possibly facing death at the hands of the reigning king and queen of Israel, Ahab and Jezebel, when he obeyed the Lord by prophesying against their paganism and calling for repentance. He also tells them that God will cause a drought since they provoked him yo anger repeatedly and shamelessly until He has Elijah say otherwise. They, in turn, threaten to kill him for defiance, etc. God brings Elijah to the Kerith Ravine, has ravens provide meat and bread for him, and places him right beside the nearby brook! (See 1 Kings 16-17).


How cool is tbat?! He does the same for us today, too! If you are alive, breathing well, have your basic needs met, and are healthy, you are blessed!!


God Bless,  Michelle

Reflections on the Coronavirus and FaithOverFear: Day 11

  • Hi, everyone!


At this point,  there’s an almost complete shutdown in Maryland,  but I have faith that no matter what happens, God has me.  The speech from Teddy Roosevelt about daring greatly  comes to mind especially tonight.  I posted the full text of the speech, Citizenship in a Republic,here.   The website from which I found the text  also emphasizes the most famous part of the speech,  otherwise known as “Man in the Arena.”  I leave you with this tonight and challenge you to reflect on our calling  as Christians,  especially as related to daring greatly by choosing faith over fear in a time like this.


God Bless,



Busyness . . . .Oy.: Part 2

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting an entry last night as I promised I would. I have been really busy over the past couple of days and I hope you can forgive my slip-up. I also promise to post more consistently, starting again tomorrow. Thank God, the semester is almost over and I think I can relax a bit even though I still have much to do before the 17th! God Bless all of you, pray for me regarding the end of the semester and the needs of my loved ones (family, friends, even acquaintances), and I will also be praying for you however you ask me to do so, whether for specific requests or life in general.

God Bless, as always,