Creative Inspiration and/or the Lack Thereof Lately

Hi everyone.

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much lately at all. Work has been busy (which isn’t surprising; in fact, it’s rewarding with all that in mind!), I’ve been newly diagnosed with an allergy to stevia (that was fun- not!) and have quite simply lacked inspiration lately. It’s coming back, though, thanks to the unexpected inspiration of two favorite artists, Matt Maher and Josh Groban, among other sources, so do be on the lookout for new writings and cover videos on YouTube, WordPress, etc. Most of all, how have y’all been of late?

God Bless, like always,



It’s Been A While

Hi everyone,


It’s been a while and I am sorry I have not been blogging at all recently. Work has been really busy, among other things, but getting all of said tasks within and without the context of work for now helps! I resolve, thus, to blog more regularly and hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! So long as we don’t forget the Reason for the Season, all should be well. Truthfully, the month or so that I ended up taking off from blogging and such has changed much, but I am back now and a more mature person for it, I think.

That said, how were your Christmas Days and how will you celebrate the remaining eleven days of the season? Let me know! Thanks!

God Bless, like always, everyone,



Upcoming Posts/Des Articles du Futur

Hi everyone,

After a busy week, since my university is on our spring break (or spring recess), I will be posting some writing and possibly a video this week.

Speaking of videos, if you hadn’t seen my YouTube channel within the last couple weeks, I mentioned taking a hiatus from musical pursuits- namely, that of making song covers- to focus on my own writing and related endeavors. In the meantime, I am showcasing my work pertaining to one of those related endeavors: photography. Here are two of my latest videos for examples of what I’m doing:



That said, I should be publishing more writing, photography, and video blogs in the next few weeks! Thanks!

God Bless, as always.


Bonjour tout le monde,

Après une semaine occupée, mon université prend nos vacances du printemps. Alors, je créerai des articles de blog desquels concernent ma photographie et des écritures musicales et poétiques.

Alors, comme je prends une pause musicale sur YouTube, des exemples de mon travail sont sur YouTube (voyez les liens en haut). Cela dit, je publierai plus de mes écritures, vidéos, etc., cette semaine! Merci!

Dieu vous bénisse, comme toujours,


A Bit of Writing: Part 7: Spoken Word Poetry: Frustration and Reflection

Hi everyone,

As I promised, I am back to writing. This poem will be a bit darker but end on an optimistic note, like usual, as a long day and perhaps getting sick inspired it. After all, an irregular sleep schedule since Thanksgiving and slight dehydration today can be enough to make the average human being, like me, sick. I hope it was just a fluke, which I think it was. That said:

Frustration and Reflection

Sometimes I think I can’t take anymore

That my life’s going nowhere or I’m not sure/

What God has for me, though I know it’s something.

After all, having no purpose would be no reason for living./

Thankfully, I needn’t worry nor despair

For I know my God is everywhere./

And nothing I do or say will ever be in vain

For there is a time and a purpose for everything. /

That said, I am thankful to have this gift of life/

To know my Lord and my God, by the grace of Jesus Christ

My Lord, my master, I will serve You until my dying day/

Then again when I see Thy face in eternity.

There it is. I may add to it later, but I doubt it. Clean, civil, constructive, and other such comments are welcome, of course. God Bless!

As always,


A Bit of Writing: Part 6: Something in French (Un Peu d’Écriture en français)

The image is from I felt like that, while the art was meant to represent the act of writing poetry, it can represent any kind of writing, really, if taken alone!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a blessed weekend so far! In case you didn’t already know, my native language is English of the Standard American dialect, but I am also fluent in French of the Standard Parisian dialect and know some French of the Quebecer dialect as well. That said, I thought I’d share something I wrote in French the day before Thanksgiving:

La vie instable, c’est une leçon pour moi

‘A faire la confiance en Dieu pour ma vie et mon âme/

Il me connait le mieux, je suis qu’Il est Dieu……

(This unstable life is a lesson for me

To trust in God for my life and my soul

He knows me best, I know He is God….)

It is a work in progress, but I will try to write more in the coming week and update the poem as I am able. Out of curiosity, as well, do you any of you dabble in creative writing? If so, do you write poetry, song lyrics, music, novels, short stories, serials, et cetera? Let me know. I’d be interested in reading more about you as well as sharing my heart with you and allowing my life to be an expression of the living God. Praise Him, I get to do that because He died on the cross for me and rose again, atoning for my sins in my place and rising again to show He is Who He says He is!!!

That said, I welcome any and all comments as long as they are clean, civil, and constructive. Thanks!

God Bless,