What Happens When…..?

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long! To be honest, as much as I want to write, my life has been incredibly busy and I find that, at least over the past month, there have been enough work and life-related changes that I find my writing to be sporadic at best and nonexistent at worst. I know I have posted about this before and I have the feeling this may not be the last time I will do so. What’s more, I find I have had trouble organizing my ideas because I have so many about which to write that I don’t know where to start.

As you can imagine, since God made me a creative person who enjoys writing, art, languages, history, music, etc., this is frustrating for me. I imagine I am not alone, so that leads me to the ultimate questions I have here.

Fellow creative people of WordPress, what happens when you find you’re having trouble finding time or inspiration to write, make something (jewelry, food, paintings, poems, name it), or do something else creative for God’s glory, the good of others, and that of yourself as He allows ? Additionally, what helps you to refresh your creative mind and get organized during your slumps? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

God Bless,

2017 So Far….

Hi everyone!

How goes 2017 so far for you? Is it busy but productive and a time for growth, like mine, or something else? I hope all is well nonetheless and I will be blogging more often from now on! Come to think of it, I will be publishing some writing soon, so let’s see where that goes! What’s changed with y’all?

God Bless,


Happy New Year! Well, Almost….

Hi friends!

As we go into this New Year, how do you think your year went and why? What was the best part? What was the worst? (Yes, more than one of both is acceptable to write here, for those wondering.) Also, what are your resolutions for 2017? Mine are as follows, as I have the feeling some may ask:

1) Get closer to God by reading Scripture, journaling, and sharing in community with fellow believers every day.

2) Make more time for family and friends however that may be, including my furbabies.

3) Save more of my money. I have a set amount going into my savings account with every paycheck and resolve not to touch it save for emergencies or other unexpected expenses.

4) Exercise daily, even if that is just some light stretching or a one-hour walk with my mom, my sister, the pups, or some combination of the specified groupings.

5) Be more efficient at work and have no fear about seeking feedback especially.

6) If I can, do a random act of kindness for someone daily. If not, do so as much as possible this coming year.

7) Write more poetry and songs, also taking the time to repair my guitar and violin in between all of the writing!

Finally, above all, how may I pray for you and yours as we enter the New Year? God Bless!

God Bless,


After a While…..

Life gets messy but lovely. Life gets painful but peels away the layers we need stripped away to become whole (and/or renewed). Your failures may just be the beginning  of a new phase of a full life you didn’t know you always had. That said, did everyone have a good Christmas?

(Pardon the rustiness. Life has been busy with work, etc.!)

God Bless,


On Blogging and Life Changes

“Integration, not balance….integration, not balance….” My pastors were right. We’re meant to integrate Christ in everything we do and I have been so busy lately probably because I haven’t! Then again, I did just commemorate one year at my current job, am in a committed relationship (5 months now!), just started taking classes toward childcare certification, am still actively involved in my church….etc. You get the idea by now, I imagine! Ayyyyyyeeee….very well, I think I finally know what’s up. I think…..

In short, God has been teaching me to be wise in my time management, but a change in attitude must come first. That said, I’m back, finally. How’s everything with you?

God Bless,


Happy Independence Day!


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Hi y’all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sorry for the long absence, ask pardon, and promise more consistent blogging in the future. I’ve been very busy with work (namely, the school for which I work has a summer camp, so that keeps me busy!) and other major changes in my life, so that does a lot to keep someone offline! Very well, now that I have some time to sit down and reflect on the past eight months and the significance of today, I will, I think!

The original aim of today’s entry was to reflect on what being an American means to me, anyway, and I had the same question for you who are my fellow Americans: What does being an American mean to you? Additionally, for what blessings do you find yourself most grateful today? For non-Americans reading this post: What blessings do you find yourself most grateful for today and what is freedom in your minds?

For me, being a born-and-bred American, I find myself most thankful:

1) To be a Christian/Christ-follower who is able to know, love, and worship Him freely as my God, Lord, Savior, Forgiver, Leader, Master, and Father;

2) For my family and friends (my puppies and loved ones’ pets included in that group!);

3) For the military, law enforcement, public health and safety, and educational workers, both in the public and private sector, who work for the benefit of our nation and the world around us every day;

4) For all who contribute to the good of our nation daily, in ways both known and unknown;

5) And, well, to be blessed with more than I ever thought possible, both materially and immaterially. What a priceless gift being alive, well, and free is, no matter what one may have to say of the good and evil in this nation!

I pray all of you have as blessed a day as I did and I thank God for each of you!

In Christ,