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This entry will be fairly straightforward, as it is a continuation of the last one. Thanks and God Bless,


Continued after skipping a night due to fatigue from a busy week. . .

Before You, I never knew what freedom was
Before You, I never knew that I could truly love./
Fighting from victory, not for it, since You’ve already won
My triumph, a beautiful life for You, by your sacrifice and resurrection.

Before You, I never knew that my life had a reason
But now I know I exist for more than I could fathom.
And now that You’re my Lord, my God Who set me free
From the prison of the life that I’d lived for me/
I know what it is to be living for something worth believing
So I am no longer blind, but now I can see!


Here You are! I feel You taking over my heart
Raising me up from the dead to give me a new start!
And now a head heart of stone is becoming a soft of flesh
As You set me Your path and teach me what it is to live.
Yes, for the first time, I understand how I was dead in my sin
Ready to live again, nothing like I was before You!


“Legacy: For You or For Me?” Spoken Word Poetry Part 8

Hello again!

I hope all is well and you’re having a fantastic week(end), depending on where you are presently! Thanks to those who encouraged me to get writing and be bold in putting my work out! I think I finally figured out the problem I’d had. Does anybody else get nervous when y’all write because you have so many ideas you’re considering that you can’t just pick one and have trouble getting organized? I honestly think such is the case for me; or, rather, there’s that and the failure to look for inspiration in everyday life consciously.

Even now, as I pondered writing about the trouble of writing, I’ve come up with another idea: a few thoughts on the idea of leaving a legacy and what I want mine to look like.  Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this discussion has come up much lately in church, at work, amongst friends and family members, whilst spending time alone reading a book, taking a walk with one’s dog or cat, etc.? I have, and, as several loved ones’ birthdays are coming up this month, that, too, got me thinking.

That said, the hesitation to publish any writing that I think might be worth a try to publish is gone for now. Therefore, I’m just putting more writing out there as the ideas come. Thank God, for sometimes I need to remember exactly Who is Author of all and didn’t create WordPress for nothing. After all, what *is* anything in this world if not for God? Thus, that is how I came to write my newest work as it is so far.


I think about the life I live on this earth

And as I type out these words, I ponder its worth./

I know that I am making some impact on this world

But is it for You or will this living only hurt?/

I want to make a difference, that all around me

Will only see Your Spirit in me, that my life is for Your glory.


After all, I know that Your sacrifice for me wasn’t wasted

Even though I fall into my sinful patterns time and time again./

Still, I often reflect on whether my life will show Your influence

Or will me, myself, and I have been my only focus?

A Christian, daughter, chosen one of God though I am,

Too often I make living something for myself as my reason…..

To be contiued. Conclusions tend to be my weak point, but what do you think so far? Thanks!

God Bless,



Update/Au Moment…

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been away and ask pardon. Work, life, and other personal concerns have taken my time, mostly. I am, however, doing more writing (poetry, song lyrics, etc.), and will post some of them each day this week. Please pardon my absence and I promise to be more consistent in the future!

Bonjour, mes amis! Je suis désolée que j’étais absente ici. Mon travail, ma vie personnelle, et des autres affaires personnelles m’occupe au moment. Néanmoins, j’écris plus des poèmes, des lyriques pour des chansons, et cetera. Je les publierai cette semaine. Pardonnez-moi, s’il vous plait, et je promis que je créerai mes postes avec plus de régularité!

God Bless/Dieu vous bénisse,

Spoken Word Poetry: Part 7 (?): You Matter To Me

Hi everyone!

Once again, I find my writing comes back in the strangest of places….well, okay, church isn’t that strange, but my email inbox is! Oddly, courtesy of Peter Hollens, I found writing flowing like a river, again. I have yet to finish my previous work, which you saw if you read my previous post. If not, the link is below and I think you’ll see why I believe it is unfinished. (Then again, a true artist’s work is never really done, is it?)

That said, finding inspiration in an email  and on Facebook (thanks to Peter and Evynne Hollens and Gary Turk, in fact) were odd occurrences at first, but not so now. Therefore, I’m just going to write and put it out there. All comments are welcome provided they are spam-free and appropriate for all eyes to read. Thanks and God Bless!

You Matter To Me

You matter to me, they tell me, and I tell them the same,

But what happens when I say it and my actions don’t change?/

What happens when someone asks for much-needed space

Or reaches out for connection and I regard each wish with a “nay?”/

What happens when I’ve isolated myself, caring for myself alone

And someday, I find that I truly end up on my own?/

When “You matter to me” becomes “You’re important only as I propose”

Is it any wonder that we soon think ourselves sinless and throw the first stone?


Let me, then, be the first to say I am sorry for the ways I’ve been

Thinking myself the victim of most predicaments I’m in./

No one deserves much of what I’ve done and I ask your forgiveness, please;

Yes, though I am human and need grace, I admit irresponsibility./


Friend, family member, past partner, coworker, or whomever you may be;

Please know that I mean what I say and I hope you accept my apology.

All I ask is one chance to show that I have changed my ways by God’s saving grace,

And I cannot guarantee that I’ll be perfect, but will do, by His grace, the best I can./

After all, He provided me love and salvation, so who am I to exclude any person?

And now, as I conclude, I feel a change taking place; yes, I’m finally set free!

I understand if you are skeptical, but I ask for you to take a chance on me/

And believe me when I say I will take a chance on you, too.

For I believe God meant it when He said, “Come to Me, all of you

Who are weary, tired, anxious, hopeless, and seeking life anew.”

Friends, perhaps I am alone, but I date to ask: why not start anew?

What would happen if we were honest and lived out the Golden Rule?/

To do so won’t be easy, this I grant for sure,

But to do so is worth more than anything we all dare to hope could provide more./

I say this because God has once again made clear that I matter to Him,

So, reminded of this, I feel there is something to be said of it.


Finally, just so you know, before you go, you matter to me

And I pray you found yourself encouraged whether you believe./

Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to read the words I typed,

And I pray you know you matter as you slumber, or perhaps arise./

May God give you strength and courage to conquer the days to which you wake

And know that you are loved, no matter what happens each day you will face./

I pray that as I conclude this poem tonight that God gives you strength

To live out each day aware that you are worth it all, no matter what living this life takes.
Thanks again and God Bless,




When Inspiration Calls…..

Write. Just write. It doesn’t have to perfect, I realize. Actually, I find that the bulk of my inspiration comes from being in church and in community with loved ones, especially fellow believers, outside of church. I have to give my pastor a lot of credit, actually, as something he said in church today really resonated with me.

Namely, take a look at Exodus 12 and tell me who you think the angel of death was. Some say an archangel, some believe there was another angel assigned to do this task, some say Jesus (“the Angel of the Lord,” as He is so often called in the Old Testament.).The answer surprised me, as I was of one of the other schools of thought that, well, wasn’t what God meant to show us. Considering that the Angel of Death passed over houses marked by lambs’ and goats’ blood and that pointed to the sacrifice Christ made for us well after the Exodus, I think that is a neon sign pointing to Who the Angel was.

That also got me thinking and, thus, I am writing again!

So far, I have what is written here:

The Angel of Death could have taken my life that night

He passed over my house and saw the doorframes./

But He saw the blood and He spared me from the might

That could have meant the end of His love and my days./

But in His grace, I lived to see my shame taken away

And He chose to die when the punishment was mine!/

How can it be that He chose me to live freely for His sake?

Why should I have been spared from the fate to die?



But He is here and in His death saved me

He is working in my life even when I cannot see./

God will stay faithful even in my unbelief-

Yes, even when I doubt, or I don’t believe  . . ./

He walks with me, He walks with me.

Child, are you wandering in the deserts of your past

Questioning what you have not instead of seeing what you have?

There is grace, there is mercy, it is free, just come and ask

Without cost and with an open heart, will your chains break at last!

You are free in Him, loved, wanted, chosen, forgiven

He will never leave or forsake you in His promise./

Oh, come to the fountains, all who are thirsty!

Drink from the well of life and prepare to live free!

(Chorus 2x)

Something like that. If you have any comments, questions, etc., please do share them.

By the way, I’m also linking y’all to the sermon here.

Let me know what you think! All comments are welcome provided they are clean, etc.

God Bless,


What Happens When…..?

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long! To be honest, as much as I want to write, my life has been incredibly busy and I find that, at least over the past month, there have been enough work and life-related changes that I find my writing to be sporadic at best and nonexistent at worst. I know I have posted about this before and I have the feeling this may not be the last time I will do so. What’s more, I find I have had trouble organizing my ideas because I have so many about which to write that I don’t know where to start.

As you can imagine, since God made me a creative person who enjoys writing, art, languages, history, music, etc., this is frustrating for me. I imagine I am not alone, so that leads me to the ultimate questions I have here.

Fellow creative people of WordPress, what happens when you find you’re having trouble finding time or inspiration to write, make something (jewelry, food, paintings, poems, name it), or do something else creative for God’s glory, the good of others, and that of yourself as He allows ? Additionally, what helps you to refresh your creative mind and get organized during your slumps? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

God Bless,

2017 So Far….

Hi everyone!

How goes 2017 so far for you? Is it busy but productive and a time for growth, like mine, or something else? I hope all is well nonetheless and I will be blogging more often from now on! Come to think of it, I will be publishing some writing soon, so let’s see where that goes! What’s changed with y’all?

God Bless,